This page is dedicated to the glory that is PACTACULAR. This was my first mame cabinet. To see my most recent project visit Whammocade.  Pactacular is a custom made Pac Man like cocktail table using MAME.  I got the home arcade game bug when I saw that there were some original cocktail tables being sold on ebay and I thought it would be really cool to have one.  The Midway cocktail tables remind me of my youth playing games like Pac Man, Galaga, and Rally X at the local Pizza Hut or Arcade.  The price for these however is pretty high considering you will likely need to put some money into restoration as well.  Plus I knew I would get bored with one game.  Initially I dismissed the MAME tables because the ones I had seen didn't really capture the feel of the original Midway cocktail games like Pac Man, Galaga, and Ms Pac Man.  (I have seen a few good ones since then.)  However after some research on the Web I convinced myself I could do it due to the availability of reproduction parts for these cabinets and a set of plans made available by Kyle Lindstrom.  Check out the PLAN section for more details on this.  And so I came down with a bad case of Pac Man fever all over again.  Little did I realize how much work actually goes into building one of these from the ground up and meeting all my rediculous perfectionist expectations.  Check out the rest of the site to see all that went into creating this monster. (or at least what I can remember, this page was started after completion)
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Update: Pactacular was sold on Ebay to fund more projects.






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