Whammocade is my second custom built arcade game based on MAME. For a little info on how I got involved in this sort of thing, check out my first cabinet. I was very happy with my first attempt but when I was asked if I would do anything different if I were to do it again, the wheels started spinning and I had quite a few different ideas about what would make the perfect cocktail table. The decision was made to sell the first cabinet and Whammocade was born. This cabinet was designed to play all of my families favorite classic arcade games. Whammocade has a 27" monitor which I believe is a first for a cocktail style arcade game.(06/2004) Check out the different sections of this site for all the details! If you are interested in building your own arcade game please visit arcadecontrols.com and buy the book Project Arcade. This book and web site will answer all the general questions you may have about building your own arcade game. This site was created in part to give you some specifics about this machine for those looking to make something similar. It will answer those specific questions that aren't covered in the general instructions you may find elsewhere.

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